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In the documentary vein which includes several series of drawings and paintings of landscapes, plants, insects, both precise and stylized.

Nature seemed to be for Jean Delpech a surprising and infinite repertoire of forms.

His free interpretation of color and the profusion of the elements which he gathered on the paper turned his works in an enchanting direction.
Jean Delpech followed the advice of the painter Inguimberty, his teacher in Hanoi: “Find your constant inspiration in nature and everyday life.”
He tirelessly observed nature, both near (insects, flowers) and from a distance (landscapes which many folds he works on reproducing). He became in turns a botanist, and a geologist as he studied this endless dictionary of shapes and colors, images which he stored in his mind.

Later he drifted away from pure observation and created fantastic forests filled with exuberant vegetation, imaginary subterranean galleries full of little beasts looking like aliens. He enjoyed himself in recycling his skills to serve his fantasies.

La nature observée

Observed nature

La nature réinventée

Nature reinvented